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$196.2 Million

City of Danbury's Mission Statement

The City of Danbury’s mission is to ensure a superior quality of life for its citizens by providing the most cost effective municipal services while preserving the cultural, historical and natural resources of the city. We are committed to working with citizens to enhance Danbury’s position as a premier place to live, work, and raise a family in a traditional yet progressive community.

Key Projects

Danbury High School Addition and Renovations

**Project Update: **

The Danbury High School Construction Project Addition, (Danbury Freshman Academy High School) has been completed and its Ribbon Cutting Ceremony was held August 2018.

The Danbury High School Construction Project Addition cost was $50 million dollars, and approximately 64,000 square feet, including three floors, adding 26 classrooms, a new gymnasium and a 9,000 square foot Performing Arts Building.

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Danbury High School Tennis Courts

New tennis courts constructed at Danbury High School are manufactured with "post tension concrete".  This type of concrete construction lengthens the life of concrete by pre-stressing the concrete with lineal cables running through the slab in a grid pattern.  By adding tension to these cables, it make the concrete stronger, extending its life and reduces cracking.


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Reservoir Street Culvert Replacement

The Reservoir Street Culvert Replacement project was the full replacement of a culvert which reached the end of its useful life span. The culvert dissects Reservoir Street in the south portion of Danbury near the Bethel town line.  The box culvert was completed ahead of schedule and within budget.  This is a heavily traveled roadway with over 2000 trips per day and is a vital artery connecting the two municipalities.  In addition to the culvert replacement, the roadway area has been widened at the intersection.  Reservoir Road has been improved with resurfacing throughout the roadway.


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Tarrywile Dam Repair

The Tarrywile Dam is in need of concrete repair which requires lowering of the water level of the Tarrywile Pond to make necessary restoration of the concrete face, the top of the dam, and the spill way.  A fence was also installed along the top of the dam to insure the safety of park goers.  

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Our Team

David W. St. Hilaire

Director of Finance

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Daniel Garrick

Risk Manager/Assistant Finance Director

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