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Danbury Among Most Diverse Cities In US: Report

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April 22, 2021


Rich Kirby, Patch Staff | Posted Thu, Apr 22, 2021 at 8:25 am ET

Danbury Among Most Diverse Cities In US: Report

Hat City came in at No. 10 overall, and No. 3 among small cities, in the 2021 rankings.

DANBURY, CT — The city has been named to the list of top ten Most Diverse Cities in America, by personal finance website WalletHub.

Danbury came in at No. 10 on the list, but in the category of "small cities," the city ranked third most diverse, behind Gaithersburg and Silver Springs, both in Maryland.

To determine the places in the U.S. with the most mixed demographics, WalletHub compared the profiles of over 501 of the largest cities across five major diversity categories: socioeconomic, cultural, economic, household and religious.

Although the advantages of living among a diverse populace are obvious, one expert cited by WalletHub hinted at a hidden faultline:

"I would look closely at class or income diversity and question what exactly this means (e.g., some people living in high rises and others living on the street or in shelters) and consider that, on the one hand, income diversity means people from different walks of life may bring in the expertise of and from their own backgrounds. On the other hand, we might question the morality of such inequality," wrote Vanessa Gonlin, an assistant professor at the Institute for Women's Studies, University of Georgia.

See the complete report on the WallteHub website.

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