Our Team

Learn about the Our Team at City of Danbury, including our Mayor and Director of Finance.

Photo of Dean Esposito

Dean Esposito

(203) 797-4511

Having grown up in Danbury, Mayor Esposito attended Danbury public schools and graduated from Danbury High School in 1979. Mayor Esposito was elected as City Councilman for five terms, and served as Town Clerk from 2003-2005.

In 2006, Mayor Mark D. Boughton named Mayor Esposito as the Director of Consumer Protection and Sealer of Weights. Mayor Esposito was then appointed to the position of Community Services Coordinator for the Boughton Administration, and ultimately promoted to Chief of Staff, a role he continued for current Mayor Joseph Cavo.

Mayor Esposito is proud to continue his family’s legacy of service. His grandfather Louis was president of the Hatters Union for over 30 years. Mayor Esposito’s father Donald was elected to serve as a state representative for Danbury’s 110th District.

Mayor Esposito is married to his wife Sharon of 30 years, and they have two adult children; Chloe and Chase.

Mayor Esposito focuses on preserving a superior quality of life for our residents and stakeholders through the implementation of efficient and effective municipal services.

Photo of Daniel Garrick

Daniel Garrick

Director of Finance
(203) 797-4652

Daniel Garrick joined the City of Danbury in dual roles, appointed as Assistant Director of Finance and Risk Manager in February 2003.  In December 2022, he was promoted to Director of Finance.  He brings a wide-ranging background including supervisory, process management, and analytical experience. 

Mr. Garrick has a strong public sector background in education. From 2001 to 2003, he served as Business Manager of the New Fairfield Board of Education.  Prior to 2001, Mr. Garrick was Business Manager for the Harrison Central School District in Harrison, New York.

Currently, as the Director of Finance, Mr. Garrick is involved in a variety of financial activities ranging from coordinating financial transactions to assisting with balancing the City’s annual budget. He regularly employs strategic and analytical methods to resolve complex financial matters. Furthermore, he serves a crucial role during the development of the annual budget preparation process.

In Mr. Garrick’s Risk Manager position, he is responsible for managing employee benefits, workers’ compensation, pension and Other Post-Employment Benefits for all current and former City employees. As Risk Manager, he promotes the safety and health of City employees in addition to public safety to minimize health, worker’s compensation, and liability claims. This includes coordination of safety inspections, safety committee meetings, and training sessions. Mr. Garrick also manages the procedures associated with claims processing for workers’ compensation, health, life, dental, and disability events.

Mr. Garrick attended from Western Connecticut State University, receiving his BBA in Accounting and attended Mercy College in Yorktown Heights, New York, earning his Master’s Degree in School Business Administration.