Heritage Plaza at Danbury City Hall

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Heritage walk was dedicated in October of 2017 as a celebration of all the nationalities and cultures that comprise the City of Danbury.  Developed by the current Administration, City Planner, Director of Public Works/City Engineer and under the supervision and direction of City Construction Services, the project included a complete exterior site renovation fronting the City Hall of Danbury.  The focal point of the project is Heritage Walk itself, which is the concrete patio area on the west side of the property fronting City Hall.  This area is a true dedication to the many different cultures and nationalities that make up this community by giving them the opportunity to create a monument signifying their contribution and development to the City of Danbury since that culture's settlement in Danbury, for display on the walkway. 

Other highlights of the project are a relocation of a time capsule first entombed in front of city hall in 1985 and now relocated with an identifying bronze plaque and to be reopened in the year 2285.  At the northwest portion of the City Hall property at the corner of Deer Hill Avenue and West Street is the city's new message center.  This high definition electronic display screen provides both informative and vital information with animation to the public at large and is another major focus point of the project on the property.  Mayor Mark Boughton and his staff were instrumental in how information was to be broadcast to the citizens and it's visitors to our City. 

Finally, a superb landscape plan was put in place with a variety of plantings ranging from flowers and grasses to shrubs and trees that adds beauty and sophistication to the City Hall Complex of Danbury Connecticut.  

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