Mallory Hat Factory Remediation

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Mallory Hat Factory Remediation

The **Mallory Hat Factory Remediation **project was designed by Arcadis Engineering.  This project is the remediation of the former Mallory Hat Factory property and testing of contaminated non-hazardous soils to meet residential soil criteria for occupancy.  Initial plans entailed transforming the abandoned Mallory Hat Factory into transitional housing facility, and the Danbury Zoning Commission unanimously approved changes to its regulations to allow the site at 88 Rose Hill Ave. to be redeveloped as a 20-bed residence to be operated by the Women’s Center of Greater Danbury. The purpose was to house women victims of domestic violence and abusive situations. The Danbury City Council initially approved former Mayor Mark Boughton’s request to transfer the city-owned property to the Women’s Center in 2017. 

Construction Services has been working with the City Engineer and the Engineering Department to move the project forward.  The remediation portion of the project was at Substantial Completion as of June 2020, ahead of schedule and within budget. We received our final permit from CT DEEP for the injection of a Chemical Oxidation agent into four wells on-site Red Technologies has ordered the material then schedule work. The CT DEEP Chemical Oxidation Permit requires the L.E.P. Arcadis to install several additional monitoring wells onsite down gradient from the injection wells the six wells have been installed and the ground water sampled. Red Technologies introduced the Persulfate Chemical with tracing dye into four wells designated for chemical injection Once this is complete the project is at 100% completion in November 2020. The close-out Phase is with the contractor and L.E.P. is underway. The project has been administrated and managed in house by Construction Services.

 The City of Danbury's Construction Services  of Public Works Department performs in-house Construction Management, Contract Administration and Inspection of City Capital Projects.