Waste Water Treatment Plant ($112.6M)

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There are several projects at the Waste Water Treatment Plant including:

  • Replace Two USTs: Two UST's are close to the end of their useful lives (30 years ) and must be replaced.
  • WWTP Chlorine Contact Building Rehab: Building was undermined from floodwaters from storm Ida (Sept 2021) and needs structural rehab work.
  • WWTP Buildings - HVAC Upgrades: HVAC systems in the Ops building Lab, , Chemical building & Dewatering building were installed in 1993 and are in need of major repairs or replacement.
  • WWTP - Repair Trickling Filter #2 & #3: Filter has stopped rotating because the bearings and seals in the column have failed.
  • WWTP - Relocate Switchgear Power Station: Existing WWTP switchgear needs to be relocated to a higher elevation to avoid the risk of flooding from extreme wet weather events.
  • WWTP- Gravity Thickner Bulding Upgrades: Pumps & Equipment were installed in 1993 and are beyond their service life.
  • WWTP - Upgrade Dewatering Odor Control System: Equipment is at end of useful life. - last upgrade was in 1993.
  • WWTP Solar Power System: Solar power system installation at Danbury Landfill will provide 70% of WWTP annual energy usage resulting in utility avoidance cost of $320,000 per year.