Multiple Citywide Paving and Drainage Projects

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Citywide Paving and Drainage projects include:

  • West Street Drainage Improvements at RR Crossing (SNAPP) ($1.5M): Area floods significantly in rain storm events causing closure of most of West Street and impacting businesses.
  • Route 53, South Street, Triangle Street and Coalpit Hill Road Intersection & Drainage Improvements ($11.2M): Improve safety and mobility of vehicles and pedestrians and correct flooding problem.
  • Main Street Flooding ($400k): Repair drainage to decrease flooding of street
  • South Street Drainage Basin Improvement Project ($150K): Improve drainage basin on heavily travelled roadway.
  • Reconstruct Shed at DPW Complex ($475k):  Necessary reconstruction for safety and efficiency.
  • Citywide Drainage Improvements ($720k): Eliminate flooding problems in neighborhoods. This addresses continued flooding of streets and neighborhoods in Danbury.
  • Comprehensive Storm Drainage Study ($500k): The City needs to hire an engineering consultant to analyze existing storm sewer improvements to alleviate flooding.
  • Rogers Park Area Storm Drainage Improvements ($3M): To eliminate flooding to the park and surrounding neighbors.
  • Old East Ditch Drainage Improvements Phase II ($3M): Address continued flooding issues in downtown Danbury (Patriot Drive to Main Street).
  • Blind Brook Channel Improvements Phase II ($5M):  Reduce and/or eliminate repeated flooding of areas/properties along Blind Brook and improve quality of life.
  • Chestnut Street and Wildman Street Drainage Improvements ($2.25M): To alleviate flooding on Wildman Street and in the surrounding neighborhood.

SNAPP Paving and Drainage Projects:

  • Paving, Drainage, & Roadway Improvements Partly PIP (part SNAPP) ($56.9M): 240 miles of roads require 10 miles of replacement per year to achieve a road life cycle of 24 years.
  • Paving, Drainage, Roadway Improvements (SNAPP)  ($9M)
  • Historic Road Flooding Mitigation ($250k): West King Street at Pondview Estates entrance historicly floods and ponds. providing drainage in this area will eleviate the problem. May require subgrade rock removal.