Learn about Projects for City of Danbury, including Hearthstone Castle Remediation, Middle River Road Box Culvert, and Crosby Street Connector Bridge.

Hearthstone Castle Remediation

Hearthstone Castle: Hazardous Building Materials Abatement Phase-1

The Hearthstone Castle Abatement project included the removal of asbestos and lead contaminated building materials from inside the castle structure and disposal of said materials.  Additionally, the project included stabilizing the building and making it safe for the environment.  As of September 2020, the walls have been stabilized, the basement filled in, and an observation tower constructed inside the castle. Eventually, it will become a destination on hiking trails at Tarrywile Park in Danbury in 2021.

Middle River Road Box Culvert

Middle River Road Box Culvert

The Middle River Road Bridge was a replacement and drainage improvement project. The existing structure was replaced with a new box culvert, parapets and a new guide rail system.

As of November 2020, the Middle River Road Bridge/Culvert was awarded to Hemlock Construction through our CROOG/Gordian Contract. Hemlock Construction has demobilized the detour, and signage has been removed and the road is open. Hemlock completed the project on schedule within budget. Final Inspection was held attended by the designer Stantec Engineering, City of Danbury Engineering, Construction Services and Hemlock Construction. The structure was accepted with zero items on the punch list. The project was inspected and administrated by Construction Services Division

Crosby Street Connector Bridge

Crosby Street Connector Bridge

This project consisted of the removal and replacement of the Crosby Street Connector Bridge Superstructure over the Still River. 

The bridge superstructure replacement project was submitted to Conn DOT’s Local Bridge Program by the City Engineering Division qualifying us for a 50% reimbursement of our contract costs. The project was at Substantial Completion as of June 2020 and completed several weeks ahead of schedule and within budget.

The bridge semifinal inspection was performed by RHS Consulting Design, LLC, ConnDot Francisco Fadul, P.E. Local Bridge Program Project Engineer, Danbury Engineering Division, Construction Services and Nagy Brothers. Nagy Brothers bridge rail subcontractor completed the one item on the punch list.   This project has been administrated and inspected in-house by the City of Danbury's Construction Services.

Ellen Levy Animal Control Facility

Ellen Levy Animal Control Facility

This new, larger and more modern facility replaced the older Animal Control facility opened in December 2020. The Animal Control project consisted of the construction of the new 24-kennel Animal Control Facility and the demolition of the existing facility built in the early 70's.  The new Ellen Levy Animal Control Facility boasts heated floors inside and outside to keep the animals' paws warm during winter months. Additionally, a cleaning station and adoption room was added for potential new adopters to get to know their new animals.  The construction of the Ellen Levy Animal Control Facility was successfully administered and managed and was successfully completed on schedule and within budget.  The new, state-of-the-art building was made possible by the generosity of the late Ellen Levy and Councilman Warren Levy.  



Mallory Hat Factory Remediation

Mallory Hat Factory Remediation

The **Mallory Hat Factory Remediation **project was designed by Arcadis Engineering.  This project is the remediation of the former Mallory Hat Factory property and testing of contaminated non-hazardous soils to meet residential soil criteria for occupancy.  Initial plans entailed transforming the abandoned Mallory Hat Factory into transitional housing facility, and the Danbury Zoning Commission unanimously approved changes to its regulations to allow the site at 88 Rose Hill Ave. to be redeveloped as a 20-bed residence to be operated by the Women’s Center of Greater Danbury. The purpose was to house women victims of domestic violence and abusive situations. The Danbury City Council initially approved former Mayor Mark Boughton’s request to transfer the city-owned property to the Women’s Center in 2017. 

Construction Services has been working with the City Engineer and the Engineering Department to move the project forward.  The remediation portion of the project was at Substantial Completion as of June 2020, ahead of schedule and within budget. We received our final permit from CT DEEP for the injection of a Chemical Oxidation agent into four wells on-site Red Technologies has ordered the material then schedule work. The CT DEEP Chemical Oxidation Permit requires the L.E.P. Arcadis to install several additional monitoring wells onsite down gradient from the injection wells the six wells have been installed and the ground water sampled. Red Technologies introduced the Persulfate Chemical with tracing dye into four wells designated for chemical injection Once this is complete the project is at 100% completion in November 2020. The close-out Phase is with the contractor and L.E.P. is underway. The project has been administrated and managed in house by Construction Services.

 The City of Danbury's Construction Services  of Public Works Department performs in-house Construction Management, Contract Administration and Inspection of City Capital Projects.

Reclaimed, Milled and Paved 8.33 Miles of City Roads

The City of Danbury's Highway Department, a subdivision of Public Works Department, managed 8.33 miles of City road improvements in 2016. In 2017, 7.71 miles of City roads were resurfaced.  Road improvements included new curbs, catch basins and storm water pipe replacement.  Additionally, it also includes a storm drain culvert, head wall, guard rail repairs and replacements, as well as safety line painting on all of the 17 roads paved.

Westville Avenue Improvement Project

Westville Avenue Project included the restoration of the intersection at Westville and Highland Avenues and sidewalk rehabilitation from Lake Avenue to Staples Street.  This rehabilitation project was under the supervision of the Director of Public Works/City Engineer and the Construction Services Division.  Construction Services was responsible for on-time and on-budget completion of the project.

City Engineering prepared plans for an upgrade of Westville Highland Avenue intersection.  This was a dangerous intersection that was determined by the City to be a priority for reclamation.  Some infrastructure improvements included: 1) regrading and paving of roadway surfaces; 2) improved traffic pattern and traffic devices which included an area of stamp asphalt; 3) improved sight lines, guide rails;  and 4) solar powered electronic traffic speed control devices, among other improvement items. 

Brand new City sidewalks, curbing, driveway aprons and fencing were installed for area residents were also part of the Westville project.  Other crossroad intersections with Westville that were part of the project included Roger and Myrtle Avenues and Staples Street. Upgrades to crosswalk areas and the installation of a new sidewalk were made in accordance with the American Disabilities act (ADA).

Additional Photos:

Photo Credit: Carol Kaliff / Hearst Connecticut Media

Danbury High School Addition and Renovations

**Project Update: **

The Danbury High School Construction Project Addition, (Danbury Freshman Academy High School) has been completed and its Ribbon Cutting Ceremony was held August 2018.

The Danbury High School Construction Project Addition cost was $50 million dollars, and approximately 64,000 square feet, including three floors, adding 26 classrooms, a new gymnasium and a 9,000 square foot Performing Arts Building.

Heritage Plaza at Danbury City Hall

Heritage walk was dedicated in October of 2017 as a celebration of all the nationalities and cultures that comprise the City of Danbury.  Developed by the current Administration, City Planner, Director of Public Works/City Engineer and under the supervision and direction of City Construction Services, the project included a complete exterior site renovation fronting the City Hall of Danbury.  The focal point of the project is Heritage Walk itself, which is the concrete patio area on the west side of the property fronting City Hall.  This area is a true dedication to the many different cultures and nationalities that make up this community by giving them the opportunity to create a monument signifying their contribution and development to the City of Danbury since that culture's settlement in Danbury, for display on the walkway. 

Other highlights of the project are a relocation of a time capsule first entombed in front of city hall in 1985 and now relocated with an identifying bronze plaque and to be reopened in the year 2285.  At the northwest portion of the City Hall property at the corner of Deer Hill Avenue and West Street is the city's new message center.  This high definition electronic display screen provides both informative and vital information with animation to the public at large and is another major focus point of the project on the property.  Mayor Mark Boughton and his staff were instrumental in how information was to be broadcast to the citizens and it's visitors to our City. 

Finally, a superb landscape plan was put in place with a variety of plantings ranging from flowers and grasses to shrubs and trees that adds beauty and sophistication to the City Hall Complex of Danbury Connecticut.  

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Infrastructure Project Summary

# Miles of Roads Paved:

FY 18‐19 Projected: 20

FY 19‐20 Goal: 19

Proposed Construction Services:

* Playground Equipment and Safety Improvements at City Parks

* General City Sidewalk & Bridge Repair

* Park Trail Improvements

* Downtown StreetScape Renaissance Project

*Danbury High School Track Renovation


* Tree Trimming & Removal in Public Rights of Way


* Replace Highway Department Equipment

* Paving, Drainage and Road Improvements

* PIP Bond

* Streetlight Program Lease Purchase

Public Buildings:

* Various Structural Repairs and Replacements

Danbury High School Tennis Courts

New tennis courts constructed at Danbury High School are manufactured with "post tension concrete".  This type of concrete construction lengthens the life of concrete by pre-stressing the concrete with lineal cables running through the slab in a grid pattern.  By adding tension to these cables, it make the concrete stronger, extending its life and reduces cracking.


Tarrywile Dam Repair

The Tarrywile Dam is in need of concrete repair which requires lowering of the water level of the Tarrywile Pond to make necessary restoration of the concrete face, the top of the dam, and the spill way.  A fence was also installed along the top of the dam to insure the safety of park goers.  

Still River Sediment Removal

In accordance with DEEP (Department of Energy and Environmental Protection) and Army Corps of Engineers' requirements, it was identified that sediment which accumulated in a portion of the Still River be removed to insure that Flood Damage Reduction (FDR) is maintained.  The inspection by the Corps produced a "Minimally Acceptable" rating which lead to the necessity of the project.  Approximately 2500 lineal feet on both shore lines of the river were cleared of vegetation that had overgrown the banks and sediment which collected in the channel was removed, insuring continued flood protection for the City of Danbury. 

Jefferson Avenue Bridge Rehabilitation

This project consisted of the full rehabilitation of the bridge crossing at Jefferson Avenue near the downtown area of Danbury.  An inter-city water course the bridge spanned is know as Blind Brook and much of it is not visible to the public, as decades of private and public development, including infrastructure has covered it over decades.  Jefferson Avenue spans two major arterial roadways connecting Southern Boulevard with West Wooster Street.  The project included a reinforcement of existing bridge piers, deck replacement, abutments and other structural improvements. 

Reservoir Street Culvert Replacement

The Reservoir Street Culvert Replacement project was the full replacement of a culvert which reached the end of its useful life span. The culvert dissects Reservoir Street in the south portion of Danbury near the Bethel town line.  The box culvert was completed ahead of schedule and within budget.  This is a heavily traveled roadway with over 2000 trips per day and is a vital artery connecting the two municipalities.  In addition to the culvert replacement, the roadway area has been widened at the intersection.  Reservoir Road has been improved with resurfacing throughout the roadway.


Waste Water Treatment Plant Upgrade

Owned by the city of Danbury, CT and operated by the Department of Public Utilities, is the City of Danbury Water Pollution Control Plant (DWPCP). The Public Utilities Division oversees the contract operation of the city’s Water Pollution Control Plant in accordance with the Wastewater Treatment Facility Service Agreement between the City of Danbury and Veolia Water North America. In accordance with State and environmental group mandates, the waste water facility modification shall remove 98% of phosphorous from the water being discharged from the plant.

Photo: H John Voorhees III | Hearst Connecticut Media

Primary Settlement tanks at the City of Danbury wastewater treatment plant in Danbury, CT

Pembroke School Playground

The new Pembroke School Playground is anaccessible playground featuring adaptive playground equipment, suitable for all children to enjoy regardless of physical limitations, skill level, or age restrictions.  The barriers have been removed, which offers an open and fulfilling, educational, and fun environment for children.

Danbury High School Track & Field

Danbury has completed work on its new eight-lane track around Crotty Field at Clapboard Ridge. The project, is part of of the city’s revitalization infrastructure projects, and replaces the original track constructed in 2002.

Triangle Street Bridge Rehabilitation Project

Triangle Street Bridge Rehabilitation

Triangle Street Bridge Rehabilitation project is comprised of abutment, deck, and parapet wall complete restoration. It is part of our Citywide minor bridge repairs and maintenance program.  The Triangle Street bridge is located near the intersection with Lee Mac Avenue and over the Still River, and construction began in the Spring 2019.

City Park Fitness Trails

City Park Fitness Trails

Exercise stations were installed, overgrown vegetation was removed, new sprayers were added to the pond to maintain water movement and eliminate the algae build up.