Large cities are based on a population of at least 36,000 residents. Danbury is the #11 Safest City in Connecticut. The 25 safest cities in Connecticut all have impressive safety ratings, ranging from 92.71 to 62.45. The overall crime stats in this state are on the lower end compared to the national averages. Most of the cities in Connecticut have been seeing a decline in violent and property crimes, or no change at all to their already low crime rates.

DANBURY, CT — A financial website compared the profiles of cities across 5 major diversity categories.  Danbury has just been named among the most diverse in the nation by a financial website.

The rankings also place Danbury as the most diverse city in the State of Connecticut and the 4th Most Diverse Small City in America. WalletHub compares the profiles of each city across five major diversity categories including socioeconomic, cultural, economic, household, and religion.

Gov. Ned Lamont is not the only Connecticut politician clamoring for a new level of express train service from Connecticut to New York City.

Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton wants to use an abandoned commuter rail line to connect his city with Metro-North’s Harlem Line, which he said could save up to an hour on the commute to Grand Central Terminal.

It’s known as the Maybrook Line and it once served Danbury, Bethel, Newtown and Derby in Connecticut and Putnam, Dutchess and Orange counties in New York when it opened in the late 1880s.

Mayor Mark Boughton is proposing a zero tax increase to your property taxes for the 2019-2020 fiscal year. #zerotaxincrease

This budget adds $5.1 million to our schools, $4.7 million for road repair/paving, and widely increases public safety measures throughout the city - with no change to the mill rate.

For the first time in a decade, the Danbury Fair Mall is looking at expansion.

Another building is being planned for the access drive that circles the mall which would measure 22,000 square feet. In the process, 100 parking spaces would be eaten up for the expansion. According to Danbury Fair owners, Macerish,  96% of the mall's space is occupied which is up 4% over last year. If you could choose which stores are added to the Danbury Fair Mall expansion project, what would they be?

Ethan Carey;| March 27, 2019

In what could be Danbury Fair mall’s first significant addition in more than a decade, a pair of new structures are under consideration for the Macy’s corner of the retail center, with the goal of filling in new stores, restaurants or entertainment in the immediate orbit of the department store.

As the case at many malls nationally, Macy’s owns its anchor pad at Danbury Fair mall, with the city appraising the nearly 300,000-square-foot department store and its land at $17.4 million as of 2017.

When job growth is measured over the past five years, Danbury leads the way in Connecticut. An analysis of changes in employment figures between 2013 and 2018 from the 381 metropolitan areas defined by the U.S. Census Bureau focused on the leading city in each state, and ranked them. The analysis, by the website, found that Danbury - which saw job growth of 6.6 percent - outpaced Connecticut’s largest cities, but that the leading city in 40 of the 50 states had a stronger track-record.

Local business is incredibly important in Connecticut: Small businesses make up 97% of Connecticut’s total businesses, and employ almost half of the state’s private workforce. And Connecticut takes small-business promotion seriously, offering a range of state-specific small business financing programs and Connecticut tax incentives that encourage business investment.

Connecticut is a promising state in which to start a small business—but where should you do it? Out of 169 towns and cities in the state, we found the five best cities in Connecticut to start a small business.

Danbury made #4 on this list!

“In many ways, Danbury is the forgotten city in Fairfield County up north here,” said P.J. Prunty, executive director of the Greater Danbury Chamber of Commerce. “These statistics show that people are attracted to a city that has opportunity and good employment. It’s growing, and that’s a good thing. People are voting with their feet by moving here.”

The Danbury Labor Market Area boasts the lowest unemployment rate of the nine LMAs in the state. At 3.9 percent, the Danbury LMA outpaces the state unemployment rate of 4.5 and also tops the U.S. rate of 4.1 percent.

DANBURY — Mayor Mark Boughton courted a gigantic valentine this year with the news Thursday morning that Amazon is canceling its plans to build a second world headquarters in New York.

The social media-savvy mayor re-posted his cheeky video pitch to bring the global online commerce giant’s offices to Danbury with a Valentine’s Day twist.

Boughton and the city produced the video in 2017 when Amazon announced it was seeking applications from cities on where to locate its second headquarters offices. The video ends with Boughton standing in front of a stack of Amazon packages, asking an Amazon Echo device where the new headquarters should go. 

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DANBURY -A new list has been released of the best cities to live in every state, and the top city in Connecticut is Danbury.

According to 24/7 Wall Street, Danbury is also one of the most expensive places in the U.S. Goods and services cost an average of over 30 percent more in the area than they do nationwide.

Even though the city has a high cost of living, it's the most livable city in the state and one of the most livable cities in the U.S. Danbury boasts a higher concentration of restaurants, theater companies and sports teams than is typical nationwide. The city also has a high concentration of nature parks, recreation centers, and golf courses.

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